Windy City Mix, Inc.

1921 North Harlem Avenue #104, ChicagoIL 60707, USA


Here are a few questions that come up frequently!

Can we book you online and do you provide online planning guides and song requests?
Yes, you can conveniently book us online. Once we receive your signed contract and terms of agreement along with a deposit, Your date will be secure with us.  At that time we will also provide you with your very own user I.D. and passwords so you can begin planning your event and selecting songs!

Is a deposit required and is it refundable?
Yes, a $400 deposit is all you need to hold the date open for your event for DJ services.  Deposits are non-refundable but may be used as a deposit for a future event up to a year from the date of cancellation. 

Is there anything we should have prepared in advance for the DJ at the event location?
Not really.  We take care of all that when we visit or talk to the venue a week before the event.

How many people should I expect arriving with Windy City Mix?                         
No more than two. The DJ and his assistant unless you booked our Photo Booth, then there will be 3.

Can I go see you DJ at another event?
Unless it is a public event, unfortunately, we do not allow this due to the privacy of the events.  We would never bring other potential clients to your memorable night either.  Feel free to inquire or check our even schedule see us live at a public event.  We do many public events around the Chicagoland area.

Where is your company located for meetings and consultations?
Our offices are located at:

1921 N. Harlem Ave. - Suite 104
Chicago, IL 60707.  Call ahead to make an appointment.

Do you take requests?
All night long!  Unless you specify otherwise.

How do you coordinate with others such as the videographer, photographer, hall manager, caterer, etc.?
At your event there will be many businesses working simultaneously. We will take the responsibility of coordinating all of these professionals together. We do so only because if we don't, no one else will. We will give out a copy of the completed reception worksheet to all the professionals so that we are all on the same page and on cue.  Nothing will be changed on this worksheet unless all professionals and client are notified.  This ensures the process of your event to run smoothly.  Remember, we want you to relax and enjoy this big day that you have been waiting for - Let us do all the work!

What is your mixing style?
Our mixing style is versatile from club mixing to straight forward mixing.  Club mixing is what you hear at the club with all the effects and tricks. Straight beat mixing which is what you hear on the radio mixes. This is where all the songs are mixed and blended perfectly and there is no gaps between songs, thus clearing a dance floor. Both styles of mixing are great for keeping everyone on the dance floor enjoying themselves!

What type of equipment do you use?
All of our equipment is top of the line.  Top shelf CD players(Pioneer/Denon/Numark), mixers(Numark), microphones(Shure), speakers(Cerwin Vega/JBL/Mackie), and lights(American DJ/Chauvet/Eternal Lighting). 
For Video production details of equipment, please visit the Video Production tab on our website!

What if we bring some of our own music to play, can the DJ play it for us?
Most definitely!

When are our online music requests and online planning forms due?
You can begin your online music requests and online planning guides as soon as you are booked with us. Typically they are due a week before your special day and finalized one week before your event.

Do you play dinner and cocktail music?
Yes, we usually play light instrumental music for cocktail and for dinner we can play music from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Marting, etc Unless you have any special requests during dinner

Should we tip and feed the DJs/Photobooth staff?
Tipping and feeding the DJs/Photobooth attendant and Video Production Crew is entirely up to you.  It is not mandatory but it is a great way to show the utmost appreciation of what a good job he/she has been doing through out the night.  Tips usually range from $50 to $200 and are not accepted from your guests.  It would be your responsibility to tip the DJ, Photobooth attendant and Video Production Crew.  It's just more professional that way.

Why are you so cheap? Sounds too good to be true.
Well, there are several reasons that we are able to charge what we charge our customers.  For starters, all our equipment we use is already paid for - not rented or financed.  Next, we do not bring a whole entourage to your event, thus not having to pay so many people.  Finally, we love what we do.  Therefore, we are able to keep the rates low not having to overcharge for help or having to pay for equipment bills or large unused store fronts.