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    Windy City Mix is proud to announce the establishment of a solid partnership with StoryTeller Productions (A branch of Windy City Mix)! Together, Windy City Mix and StoryTeller Productions are determined to create experiences that will last far longer than just your special day. 
StoryTeller Productions is led by Creative Director Dennis Avelar – a passionate filmmaker and graduate of Columbia College Chicago’s Film and Video program. Utilizing the concepts of visual storytelling along with the magic of the movies, StoryTeller Productions specializes in creating personalized custom motion pictures unlike anything you have ever experienced! As the Executive Producers of your very own production, you have the ability to produce a work of art that will forever preserve the most memorable day of your life. 

When combined with entertainment packages from Windy City Mix, you save in more ways than one. Our flexibility allows you to choose from various options that work best for your production.  Now grab some popcorn, get comfortable and view a few samples!

                                                                                                                             Jennifer and Artemio! 
                     Deisy and Danny's "Blockbuster Package" video trailer for 6/5/13.  


                                                American Cancer Society's Walk n' Roll event in 2012 at Soldier's Field!  Windy City Mix/StoryTeller Productions 
                             are proud supporters and sponsors of the ACS Walk n' Roll event every year!


                                                     Windy City Mix "Diamond" + StoryTeller Productions                   
                                                                         Video Option     Video Cost     WCM Cost     Cost to YOU                        
                                                                          Short Scene          $850                  $850                   $1,700                                      
                                                                          Featurette             $1,600               $850                    $2,450                                   
                                                                          Blockbuster          $1,850               $850                    $2,700         

                                                     Windy City Mix "Platinum" + StoryTeller Productions                   
                                                                          Video Option     Video Cost     WCM Cost     Cost to YOU                        
                                                                           Short Scene          $850                $1,300                 $2,150                                     
                                                                           Featurette             $1,600             $1,300                  $2,900                                  
                                                                           Blockbuster          $1,850             $1,300                  $3,150      

                                                                                                      StoryTeller ONLY
                                                                                            Video Option    Cost to YOU
                                                                                              Short Scene                $900
                                                                                              Featurette                  $1,700
                                                                                              Blockbuster               $2,000


Add an ALL - INCLUSIVE Photo Booth for ONLY $600!

 Frequently Asked Questions

How many cameras do you provide for weddings and special events?

ALL StoryTeller Productions events require no less than two cameras and two full-time camera operators at all times during the day of your event. Your assigned creative director will be on site for the entire day, and an assistant videographer/camera operator will be there as well. During our Pre-Production phase we coordinate shooting locations and plan how to be capture every moment, so while two camera operators will be working the entire day, they can be in two different locations at the same time. Also, if additional cameras will be utilized, the third or fourth camera will likely remain stationary while the two primary cameras capture different angles and remain motion. The number of cameras utilized per production depends on the amount of space available, location restrictions, etc, but certainly no less.

How much of my event will you capture?

That’s almost entirely up to you. Instead of telling you when we start and when we end, we give you the ability to tell us what is important to you. Our day starts when you want us to start capturing moments, and we do not end until you leave your reception hall (what we call “the studio”). The exception to this is our “Short Scene” option, which has specified time limits. On average, we capture anywhere from 9 to 12 hours of recorded video per production. 

What type of cameras do you use?

We believe that the best live audio entertainment must be accompanied by the best in video production.  StoryTeller Productions utilizes three Sony NX5U cameras, which gives us superior HD video.  All video is shot on memory cards and all raw footage is transferred to DVD for your viewing pleasure.

What if I want to add a slideshow feature to my movie? Do you have limits on the number of
songs or photos I can incorporate into my slideshow?

Absolutely not! This is, after all, your production, and we want to design it as close to your personality as possible. However, all songs have lengths, and we will limit potential scenes and/or extras (slideshows) based on the number of photos we can use in a song. A slideshow can have multiple songs and an unspecified number of pictures.

Why should we consider both StoryTeller Productions and Windy City Mix?

As with any successful partnership, the key aspect of working with other talented individuals is clear communication. StoryTeller Productions and Windy City Mix are passionate about the services we provide, and our work ethic speaks for itself. Our values are similar in that we both want to make sure that this day or event is the best it can be. In addition to maintaining clear communication with each other, we are committed to working with our clients to determine what is best for their event. Our work does not start and end on the day of your event, but rather months before (as we determine your playlists and prepare your custom motion picture) and weeks after (when we complete your production and finalize any last details). We understand the importance of your big day, and never will we treat it as anything less than the most important day of your life. 

StoryTeller Productions offers different video production options. Contact us for details regarding each option, including rates and other information.

For additional video samples, company profiles, and other information regarding StoryTeller Productions, visit our website at


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